Mobile Handheld POS Self Service Shopping Offline to Online

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It is an easy to use Mobile app that not only helps customers in the store but also helps Online customers stay connected with the store. Know how:

  • Customers can download the app, select the store, start adding products to the cart by scanning them using mobile. Pay online or by Cash/Online.
  • Online customers too can shop from the store by using the app. Convert your store into an E-commerce store instantly.
  • Send notifications to your customers and simplify their shopping experience.

Business is all about anticipating the technological advancements and making the right decision at the right time. Don’t let your store be limited to a physical location. Make your store’s presence be felt to the customers anytime and anywhere. Integrate your store with Ekart app today.

Mobile Functional Features: Customer Login

  • Select the list of stores available or scan the store front QR code.
  • Scans the product and add to cart
  • Creates a invoice with QR bar code
  • Manage profile and Address
  • View UnPaid invoices
  • Register customer by simple registration and social network registration – Google / Facebook
  • Login with Google and Facebook for customers

Mobile Functional Features: Store owner Login

  • Scans the QR invoice and view the invoice
  • Collects the payments and mark the invoice as PAID
  • Creates new invoice and billing on behalf of the customer
  • Ability to add the new product to the store
  • Update the stock inventory

Technical Features:

  • Code base download includes – Backend Magento plugin files and Android Workspace files , instructions for installing and configuring
  • Magento2 Ekart plugin extension for customized api’s to fit into the Ekart mobile app
  • Native Android app
  • Monetise with your application name and Logo.
  • Magento store restful documentation and supports integration with Java , C#, Android, objective C, Swift, perl client integration code base.
  • Supports any of the hosting providers.

QueueLess Self service shopping using Bar Code Scanning of products by using his mobile.

EKart Handheld POS for your shop and bring offline to online business.

Fully functional Mobile

Designed with Passion & love and every feedback is special for us.

Ekart POS that helps you to reduce the cost for POS terminals. 


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