School Result Management Software or System


Neskool eResult Students Result Management System is basically developed for managing students result online. So, it is suitable for educational site, kindergarten, primary, secondary, college of education, polytechnic, university etc.


  • Subject wise result adding facility.
  • Certificate adding facility.
  • Unlimited subject, class, year, group and section.
  • Result adding facility from CSV file.
  • Multiple result adding facility from CSV file.
  • Result export (backup) facility to CSV file.
  • Advanced result search form.
  • Six different result search form.
  • Full customizable result search form.
  • Result print facility.
  • Certificate view and download facility.
  • Setting panel and many more.

Additional information

Result Software Pro Pricing

Semi Termly_₦55,000/per term (200 students & below), Semi Yearly_₦160,000/per year (200 students & below), Big Termly_₦90,000/per academic term (Unlimited students), Big Yearly_₦260,000/year (Unlimited students)


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